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Coach Jerry Hollis Sr.  

Jerry Hollis enters his 28th year season this year as the founding  Head Coach for the Charlotte Monarchs youth basketball team. Coach Jerry, Sr. primary focus is for his players have an opportunity to play, compete with other players from all over the world and gain recognition for their hard work and talent. Coach Jerry and his family reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

“I'm someone who will push you beyond all reasonable limits. Someone who will ask you not to just fulfill your potential but to exceed it. Someone who will expect more from you than you may believe you are capable of.”  

                                                                                                                    Coach Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee                                                                                                 


Coach Jerry Hollis Jr. 

Coach Jerry has been apart of the Charlotte Monarchs since its inception as a player on the first boy's basketball team. He started working with the Charlotte Monarchs in his collegiate years assisting in player development and coaching. In the off-season from school and playing overseas,  Coach Jerry wanted to help new players develop in the fundamentals of the game. Coach Jerry is a native and resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. 


Coach Tony Womble 

Coach Tony has been coaching girls and boys basketball with the Charlotte Monarchs for the past eight years. During his first two years, Coach Tony worked as as Assistant Coach  under Coach Jerry Hollis, Sr. before moving into the role as the Head Coach for the middle school teams division. Coach Tony believes in developing each player's skills first and winning second. Coach Tony and his family reside in  Charlotte, North Carolina.  


Coach Tony Marsh

Coach Tony is the Boys operations director. He coaches boy's fifth and six grades.

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